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IIS Web site migration with Azure Website Migration Assistant

As I promised in my last post today we are going to migrate a simple IIS hosted web site to Azure websites.  Note that this tool only supports IIS 6.0 and higher versions.

For this demonstration I have used a standalone Azure VM with a static webpage. I admit that below website is ugly but it serves the purpose.

Azure Website Migration Assistant 17

Setting up Azure Websites Migration Assistant

  1. Navigate to https://www.movemetothecloud.net from your client PC or the IIS server itself.
  2. Click Dedicated IIS Server and then and then Install Tool. This will launch a Click-once Installation. based on my past experience with Click-once I strongly recommend you to use Internet Explorer. Also you can Download for offline use to install in another Server/PC. Note that there is an additional option to Upload an existing migration report which is described later.Azure Website Migration Assistant 1Azure Website Migration Assistant 2
  3. Click yes to Install Web Deploy.Azure Website Migration Assistant 3
  4. In the next screen it will check for all  the dependencies required for the migration. If required it will install the missing components.Azure Website Migration Assistant 4
  5. Choose Migrate sites and databases on the local server to azure option and click Continue, if your are running the tool inside your IIS server. If not select the second option and provide the administrative credentials.Azure Website Migration Assistant 5
  6. It will check for the websites and their relevant dependencies and will allow you to choose which websites you want to migrate. In my scenario I have a simple web page in Default web site so I selected same. Azure Website Migration Assistant 6
  7. It will generate a migration readiness report containing all the configuration information of your IIS instance and dependencies. You can click Upload to continue or Save it locally and upload at a later time. (Refer step 2)Azure Website Migration Assistant 7
  8. Azure will perform a readiness analysis based on the report you uploaded and reports if any errors are found. Click Begin Migration to continue.Azure Website Migration Assistant 8
  9. You will be prompted to provide your Azure credentials here. Azure Website Migration Assistant 10
  10. Select your Tenant, Subscription and the respective region that you want to deploy this website/s and click Start Migration.Azure Website Migration Assistant 11
  11. In the Migration screen it will allow you to customize site level and global settings for the migration such as website names, databases, database sizes etc… Since my IIS server is also an Azure VM I have provided it a name and changed the Site Mode to Free to avoid unwanted credit consumption. Click Create to begin the migration. Azure Website Migration Assistant 12 Azure Website Migration Assistant 13
  12. Migration Assistant will perform the actual migration and once migrated click Publish to publish your site to Azure. Also at the end of the migration if there is any error occurred it will immediately revert the migration and let you to report the error directly to Azure Team via e-mail.Azure Website Migration Assistant 14 Azure Website Migration Assistant 15Azure Website Migration Assistant 16
  13. There were no errors in my migration so the new site looks like below.Azure Website Migration Assistant 18
  14. Additionally if you look at your Azure Portal you can see the new website is running and you and further customize the site as you would do for a regular Azure website. (i.e scale up)Azure Website Migration Assistant 19

Introducing Azure Websites Migration Assistant

Do you want to migrate your IIS hosted web site to Azure easily? Thinking about all the headache that you have to face when doing so? Now it’s time that Microsoft has taken away that burden.

Azure Websites Migration Assistant lets you to migrate your IIS 6.0 or higher hosted website to Azure without any implication. This great tool will thoroughly examine your IIS web server, report back which web sites can be migrated and if there anything that cannot be migrated it will notify same. Just in a matter of few clicks you can migrate compliant websites along with their configuration files and back-end web databases.

How to migrate?

Just few easy steps.

  1. Port bindings (i.e http or SSL mappings)
  2. Application Pools
  3. Virtual directories and web applications
  4. Databases
  • Upload the migration report that you generate from the tool.
  • Migrate your website. You’ll have to enter your Azure credentials along with which region you want this site to run on.

In a later post I’m going to show you how to migrate a simple website to Azure Websites using Migration Assistant.