DPM 2012 R2 UR7 Re-released

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I’m working on a DPM 2012 R2 test lab these days which I’ve planned to update to the latest UR version. When I checked for the latest UR7 got to know that the bits have been re-released.

As for the DPM team there is an issue in DPM 2012 R2 UR7 released on 28.07.2015 which causes expired recovery points on the disk were not getting cleaned up, resulting an increase in DPM recovery point volume after installing UR7. This re-release has addressed this concern and you can download the upadted bits via DPM 2012 R2 UR7 KB or Microsoft Update Catalog as of today.

OK I have updated to UR7 before 21.08.2015. Now what?

For those who are facing this dilemma should know that the re-released UR7 is not pushed via Microsoft Update and advised to manually install the new package  on the DPM Servers with older UR7 package installed. The installation process will automatically execute pruneshadowcopiesDpm2010.ps1 PowerShell script which contains the fix.

Post-deployment Tips

There is no change in the DPM version (4.2.1338.0) in this re-release and it will remain same after the update. Also you will have to update the Azure Backup Agent to latest version (2.0.8719.0) prior installing DPM UR7 to ensure the integrity of your cloud backups after this release.

For those who like me updating to UR7 the old fashion way (wait for a month or two, lookout for bugs and then update) you’ve got nothing to worry.

Look into the future of your datacenter with Savision Cloud Reporter

The biggest challenge today that IT managers face is accommodating the rapid workload growth in their environments. One cannot always buy hardware when the demand for resources is high. Another dilemma is having a clear picture of resource utilization in the datacenter. If you are running a virtualized datacenter on VMWare or Hyper-V and looking for a cost effective solution to address above pain points there is no better solution than Savision Cloud Reporter.

Unlike its competitor from Veeam which uses a collector to gather data, Savision Cloud reporter is a simple management pack that you import in to your existing SCOM environment. It provides a unified view for both VMWare & Hyper-V environments; utilizes existing vCenter to load data about VMware hosts into SCOM. Being a simple management pack without additional configuration Cloud Reporter leverages existing health agent deployed to Hyper-V hosts and has its own schema within the SCOM Data warehouse database.

One of the cool features that I personally like about Cloud Reporter is that it can monitor Live Migrations in your Hyper-V Cluster which cannot be done by the standard SCVMM management pack. This is possible because Cloud Reporter treats a VM as an object and updates the VM references whenever a Live Migration is performed.

The most important feature of any capacity planning tool is the ability to forecast the future growth. Cloud Reporter has its own set of forecasting reports like below. If you want to create your own reports with Microsoft Power BI that is also possible once the Cloud Reporter is installed and its own schema is in place in the Data warehouse database. You can convert these reports to Excel or PDF instantaneously by allowing IT administrators to present forecasting data on the fly for management reporting.

Cluster Forecast Dashboard

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Processor Rightsizing Report

Cloud Reporter provides a handy set of task based reports such as idle VMs, VMs missing MMA agent etc… Being said that it is also a cost effective alternative to Veeam if your goal is to import VMware vCenter alarms to SCOM and display them as alerts. It also provides proactive resource exhaustion reports such as below so that you can easily decide when to order the next batch of hardware without running numerous data gathering methods.

Memory Exhaustion Predictions

Being a SCOM management pack the first question one might have about this product is how long it would take to generate a forecast after installing Cloud Reporter. Experienced SCOM admins know that you have to give it a time for any management pack to blend in, and in this case roughly you can generate the first forecast report after 2 – 3 days. In most cases Cloud Reporter is ideal for self-service environments such as hosted service provider clouds in which rapid growth of workloads can be expected.

If you want a much simpler and cost effective forecasting solution for you datacenter, I would definitely recommend Savision Cloud Reporter. You can contact Savision if you want to schedule a live demo or to get a quote for this amazing tool.

Savision Free Whitepaper | MVP Peter de Tender

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery is a critical functionality in today’s IT business. Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is premier solution that can reduce your BCDR cost drastically. Planing a DR solution requires lot of effort and time and using Azure Site Recovery enterprises can have a bullet proof BCDR solution within couple of days where you only pay when a disaster has actually happened.

In Savision’s newest free whitepaper MVP Peter de Tender explains why you should focus on building an effective Disaster Recovery Plan for your virtualized Data center. This whitepaper explains,

  • How to leverage Microsoft Azure Site Recovery to build a DR solution for Hyper-V?
  • Azure Site Recovery for VMWare & Physical servers
  • Leveraging Azure IaaS for a hybrid data center,

You can download the whitepaper from here.


Retrospect | System Center Universe Europe 2016

I do love to travel and I love sharing my technical knowledge with community. Here in Sri Lanka I contribute to couple of technical forums as a community leader and a speaker. I’ve always been passionate about technology and I seize any opportunity to serve the community anytime.

In March this year I’ve had the pleasure to present as a speaker at SCU APAC in Singapore. Two weeks back I travelled to Basel, Switzerland to present at the SCU Europe conference on invitation of my MVP friend Marcel Zehner.

SCU Europe is a 3-day technical conference delivered by great speakers around the globe. The conference is not only focused on System Center, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server technologies but also various other Microsoft technologies. itnetX AG, Bern the prominent SI company in Switzerland organizes this conference annually.

I’ve delivered two breakout sessions on Containers & Open Source adaption in Microsoft Azure & System Center. It’s always a pleasure to meet Open Source enthusiasts in Microsoft world as I’m a true believer in heterogeneity.

It was also a great opportunity for me to meet all my European MVP friends in person and refresh the knowledge with them. We had a great time at Bar Rouge during the Speakers Party and also it was great to connect with the community peers during the Network Event.

I must really thank Marcel for having me at SCU Europe. itnetX team has again done a wonderful job organizing this conference and I’m pretty much satisfied that I took part in this effort.

SCU Europe 2016 will be held in Berlin, Germany from 24 – 26 August 2016. Although I’ve got busy schedule in August, I’m looking forward to be there again.

Meet all the rock stars presented at SCU Europe. Session recordings and slide decks will be available in Channel 9 soon.