What’s new in Update Rollup 6 for SCOM 2012 R2

Last week Microsoft has announced the availability of System Center 2012 R2 Update Rollup 6. This update rollup contains many improvements plus new functionality for most of the products in the suite. Let’s see what’s in the box for SCOM admins with this release. I got to admit that rather than new features, this UR is more focused on fixing some existing issues in SCOM 2012 R2.

Top Issue Fixes

  • The “Remove-DisabledClassInstance” Windows PowerShell command times out without completing – In large SCOM deployments this cmdlets sometimes times out without completing. This release addresses same by optimizing the underlying query.
  • Duplicate closed alerts – Due to an update issue in the grid, Find option in a message view duplicates results with a previous search and it is fixed to display only the current search results.
  • Topology widget objects lose location when they are opened in a console that has a different locale and decimal format – In this release users can create widgets in different locale where in previous releases it will display incorrect loacle settings in the original local is different.
  • WebConsole Details widget does not display anything – This issue is fixed by fixing the XAML page of the details widget. The XAML page was preventing the data from being displayed on the page.
  • Top 10 Performance widgets (WebConsole) are sometimes empty – Due to an performance issue the Top 10 Performance Widgets in Web Console are empty sometimes. In UR3 we had to manually import a mpb file to fix this. This release has the fix integrated.
  • Problem with decoding SCOM trace log files – SCOM trace logs do not decode but generate the error “Unknown(X ): GUID=XXX (No Format Information found).” when the latest TMF files that contain formatting information for the related traces are missing. In this version All TMF files are updated.

Following issues have been addresses in Unix/Linux MP.

  • JEE: WebLogic 12.1.3 servers on Linux or Solaris are not discovered – In order to solve this issue you need to update the SCOM Agent in target Unix/Linux Servers after updating to the latest Unix/Linux MP.
  • In rare cases, lots of omiagent processes may be observed on a UNIX or Linux computer – Requires the Management Pack Update as above.
  • The SSLv3 protocol cannot be disabled in OpenSSL as used by the UNIX and Linux agents – By modifying the NoSSLv3=<true|false> in omiserver.conf (/etc/opt/microsoft/scx/conf) you can disable SSL v3 in Unix/Linux Monitoring agents. By default ISSLv3 is enabled and will be used only if TLS encryption cannot be negotiated. Otherwise the  agent rejects connections that cannot be negotiated by using TLS encryption.

Installation Procedure

If you have past experience in installing an Update Rollup for SCOM 2012 R2 the procedure is same. You can refer my previous post as a reference. You can download the binaries for a manual installation which I strongly recommend from here.

However for Unix/Linux servers after updating to UR6 make sure you import the latest MP for each version of Unix/Linux OS. You can download the latest Management Pack from here. Finally you have to update the the monitoring agent in those *nix servers.