False Alert in SCOM | Cluster Resource Group Offline

I’ve noticed a strange alert in a Hyper-V cluster monitoring scenario earlier today. Though I did a cluster validation immediately and noticed a couple of network warnings due to an incorrect IP address configuration there was nothing wrong in the cluster itself.

Cluster Resource Offline (1)Digging into Health explorer I could see below. All three nodes in the cluster were reporting critical health states.Then I realized that there is Network adapter in each host which we haven’t assigned a Gateway or DNS and it is displaying an IP address failed error in Health explorer. But still that wasn’t the issue.

Cluster Resource Offline (3)Solution

  1. Open a PowerShell session as an administrator and type Get-ClusterGroup and press Enter. This will have an output similar to below.Cluster Resource Offline (2)
  2. Have you noticed Available Storage is offline in above screenshot? That is the culprit. What happens here is when some clusters  are built up, they won’t have Available Storage in the cluster console and therefore the Available Storage cluster group is offline by default. All you have to do is make it online by typing Start-ClusterGroup -Name “Available Storage” and et viola alert is gone.
  3. Cluster Group is displayed as failed. This is because of the IP address issue of unused adapter as I mentioned earlier. I had to bear that for the time being as we are using those NICs for a separate task later.