Health Service Issues in SCOM Management Servers | Part 2

In a previous post I explained the root causes related to alerts raised regarding SCOM health service in Management Servers or Agent Managed computers. Today let’s see how this affects a fresh installation of SCOM environment.


Out of the box SCOM 2012 R2 deployment without any agents or MPs deployed is raising critical alerts for Management Server Health Service as below.

Health Service Critical (3)This is fixed when we recalculate or the health for the unhealthy management server but this alert appears more frequently.

Root Cause

The default value of 10000 in Health Service Handle Count Threshold monitor is rather too small for the management server. This is a known issue in SCOM 2012 R2 which is fixed in Update Rollup 3. The default value is set to 30000 in UR3. But what if the environment is fresh or has a lower UR installed? Let’s see how we can work around that.


You can override the Health Service Handle Count Threshold monitor for the specific management server to a higher value.

Health Service Critical (1)

Health Service Critical (2)

Health Service Critical (4)

I tried several higher value but the ideal value for this is 30000 if you are not in UR3. You can save this override anywhere you want but I do recommend you to create an override MP for SCOM separately.

Health Service Critical (5)You’ll have to perform this in all the Management Servers if they are listed as critical. Anyhow it is always better to have the latest URs installed if you want a more greener SCOM environment.