SQL 2012 Cluster not monitored in SCOM 2012 R2

The hardest part of a SCOM deployment is proper configuration of the monitoring environment. Most of the times system administrators forget to follow the Management Pack Guide for a particular application and spends enormous time to troubleshoot what went wrong in their deployment. Today we are going to explore how to resolve such a scenario associated with SQL 2012 Management Pack.

Following alert has been raised by SCOM indicating there aren’t sufficient permissions to monitor a SQL 2012 cluster. The error says cannot login to database.

SQL 2012 Error 1The SQL Server Monitoring Account Run As profile contains the necessary action accounts for the SQL Management Pack.

SQL 2012 Error 2By default this Run As profile will use Default Action Account for SQL MP. But in this case the default action account doesn’t have database privileges for the SQL cluster. So the solution is to create a separate Run As account for SQL which maps to a domain account with database rights (you can use an account with db_owner in SQL as long as it doesn’t jeopardize your security or else you can use db_reader) and then add it to the SQL Run As profile.

SQL 2012 Error 3This error is result of tightened access model in SCOM which needs you to properly configure Run As accounts with proper rights assignment to different monitored workloads in SCOM.